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Keep your kids away from adult-related materials in your PC.
There are many families that have only one computer at their home, so the parents and kids share the same PC. It is very important to keep kids away from adult-related materials in your PC. Parents may read, watch, and download adult-oriented materials from miscellaneous websites and online services. It is known fact that the browsing history, content of materials, pics, videos and other sensitive or private information remains on the hard drive even if deleted. Revealing of this information may lead to undesirable relationships between the parents and the kids. So, to keep the kids away from accessing such data accidentally or on purpose it would be wise to keep a professional software that cleans the history of parents private and discreditable information. One of the best softwares for this purpose is History Killer Pro.

1st Annual Technology Conference - May 31, 2008
Understanding Technology & How to Protect your Families

View Details and Register

White Ribbon Against Pornography Month - Feb 2008
News Articles Featuring CFD and Community Activity During Feb 2008

Battle For the Billboard
Pleasant Grove Mayor Signs WRAP Proclamation
February Declared WRAP Month
UTAH PTA Student Association Supports Battle for the Billboard
Spencer's Gifts Raided in Davis County

Battle for the Billboard 2008
Cell Phone Safety Campaign - Adrian Loza awarded $500 scholarship!
Students create an original art piece with slogan, which effectively illustrates cell phone dangers and/or safety tips.

*** Click here to view the winning artwork and read the KSL news story. ***
*** Click here to view the artwork winners with the Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. ***
*** Click here to view the 1st place artwork. ***

Protect Their Minds CD Download 1/2 Off!
Brite Music offers our members 50% off the CD download to Their Safety Kids - Protect Their Minds album.
Go to Brite Music's website and add Safety Kids Volume 3 to your cart. When you check out, enter the code 5080050 in the "Invitation Code" field on the checkout page and you will be able to download the entire album for $4.99 (original $9.99).

New Website Coming Soon!
Our website is being redesigned to make it easier for our members and all of our visitors to see what we are about, to obtain resources and information, and to get involved. Stay tuned!

Governor Proclaims February White Ribbon Against Pornography Month
Governor Huntsman signed a proclamation declaring the month of February to be White Ribbon Against Pornography month in Utah. Many mayors throughout the state have also showed their support by issuing similar proclamations in their respective cities.

This show of support for decency from the highest levels of government in our state and cities lends great strength and approval to our fight against pornography. Cindy Moreno, President of CFD, held a press conference at the capitol to publicly thank Governor Huntsman and the mayors for their support of WRAP. Click here for a complete list of the Utah mayors who support WRAP.

Find out what WRAP campaign is all about and how you can get involved in the fight against pornography!
Click here for more information.

The Great Lie DVD New DVD Released: Pornography, The Great Lie - For All Faiths
This DVD was produced by a joint partnership with Communities for Decency, UCAP & Utah PTA. The Great Lie - For All Faiths DVD is now available at all High School Parent's Meetings. Click here for information on currently scheduled meetings.

Parents and leaders of youth need extensive guidance and tools to assist them in fighting pornography. This DVD, The Great Lie, specifically addresses concerns relating to adolescent exposure to pornography and its insidious attach against the family.
Click here for more information. The LDS version is still available in all Deseret Book Stores.

One person can make a difference!
In District 29, St. George, Utah, a store operator in the local mall was displaying pornographic calendars in a kiosk with explicit nudity featured on the covers. The calendars were in full view and at the eye level of passing children in the mall. The calendars were determined to be in violation of the Utah Indecent Public Display Law by St George City Attorney Shawn Guzman. After phone calls and emails from St George CFD members, the calendars were removed. Thank you, Mr. Guzman for your dedication to protecting the children and families of St. George! And many thanks, CFD members, for making your voice heard!

National Decency Issues
Do you voice your opinion with regards to indecent advertising, FCC regulations, and pro family legislation? CFD recommends joining national organizations which also promote decency. Read more.


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