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Our members have made a difference!

  • CFD membership on our action E-mail list has increased by 120 people in the last 30 days alone.
  • We have been presenting to groups or offering info in seminars about once a week since March.
  • Alpine Plastic Surgery and RTM Media Outdoor have received almost 100 requests to remove their inappropriate advertising on 3900
    South and State Street in Salt Lake City.
  • We have been networking with addiction recovery workers, filtering services, Janeen Brady (Brite Music), PTA's, and many other community groups.
  • We have introduced child-appropriate resolutions in 3 Utah cities are about to approach 2 more.
  • Two (maybe more) Dr. John's billboards have been removed off of I-15 in Salt Lake because of the action of ONE CFD member.
  • We receive at least one request per week for our Pornography Help Packet.




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