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Make a Difference

You will make a difference today.  It's simple and will take under five minutes.  Read the following issues and click to take action:

Carl's Jr./Paris Hilton television ad

Many CFD members have contacted us in response to our statement on KUTV News about the inappropriate Carl's Jr./Paris Hilton ad.  CFD encourages you to make a difference by politely voicing your opposition locally and nationally.  You can read more about the obscene content of the ad here.

To take action nationally, call 805-745-7500 or 1-800-422-4141 or send an email to CKE Restaurants by clicking here.

To take action locally, call your local Carl's Jr. and request that the manager influence CKE Restaurants to pull the ad by clicking here.


The adage "There is strength in numbers" happens to be true.  We need you, your family, and your community to unite in a collective force. Join! 


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