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Online Resources

Here you will find links to other web sites and organizations that work on similar projects or have additional information in the area of communities and decency (listed in alphabetical order). -This site offers a wealth of information on issues surrounding decency. You can also join their email list to make your voice heard regarding those issues. - Web site of the American Decency Association. This organization is dedicated to education on matters of decency; and the advancement of public morality.  - Good source for information on national decency issues. Suggestions for Citizen and Community Action and Corporate Responsibility at is extremely valuable information for local level action. - This site helps citizens take back control of their own local libraries and educate on the various forms of material harmful to children now available at many public libraries.  This includes the access to hard-core pornography internet sites through computers available in local public libraries across the nation. - An "online community of mothers aimed at stopping the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media." -  A site "offering private sector solutions to restore television to its roots as an independent and socially responsible entertainment medium".   This group motivates the public to "voice its support of family-friendly programming to network executives, advertisers, public policy leaders." - Information to help citizens combat obscenity in the media. - A youth-led service organization dedicated to protecting individuals, families, and communities from pornography through education, empowerment, service, and legislation. - Utah web site for Citizens For Families, an organization that strives to create appropriate community standards and strengthen families. - The Utah Coalition Against Pornography. A coalition of diverse religious, social, and cultural groups offering leadership, education, and resources to organizations seeking to combat the harmful effects of sexually explicit material on individuals, children and families. - A nonprofit organization, established by students at Brigham Young University, dedicated to fighting pornography.