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Pornography Help

Find resources to help you or someone you love fight the battle against pornography.

Pornography: The Great Lie DVD
A Guide for Families of All Faith
Available at High School Parents Meeting.
Sponsored by Communities for Decency, UCAP, and Utah PTA

Parents and leaders of youth need extensive guidance and tools to assist them in fighting pornography. This DVD, The Great Lie, specifically addresses concerns relating to adolescent exposure to pornography and its insidious attach against the family.

22 minute video
interviews with experts in the field
2 supplementary booklets answering critical question

More info: designed as a guide for discussion, The Great Lie and its accompanying booklets are filled with typical questions asked by teens, helping youth realize they are not different in having their concerns or issues. Parents and leaders are encouraged to view the DVD and study the materials with the intent to prepare discussions with their youth.

Presented in segments, the DVD has a 22 minute video portraying real-life scenarios of individuals and families in the grips of pornography, illustrating how closely parents must supervise children and institute technology controls. Other segments contain answers by professionals to critical questions.

Other topics covered include creating a safe environment for a teenager, communicating better with teens, understanding adolescent development, realizing the long-term effects from pornography, and teaching healthy sexuality. Supplemental reading and online resources are also listed.

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